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21ST NOVEMBER, 2012.

Grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied unto you. The joy and gladness in our hearts are still fresh since the first day we met here while on your visit to Kafanchan. It is indeed a wonderful thing for brethren to dwell together in fellowship. There is no doubt God has brought us two together for the purpose of sharing of ministry abroad. Find below a brief background history of our diocese and project proposals as follows:
Brief Background Information on the 
Anglican Diocese of Kafanchan

Kafanchan is the headquarters of the region and people called Southern Kaduna. The Southern Kaduna covers more than 50% of the entire Kaduna State in terms of population and land area, comprising both Christians and Muslims with the Muslims in the minority. Kafanchan as the capital of the southern Kaduna is over 80% Christian dominated, with diverse tribal grouping.  On the average, the people are educated but marginalised socially and economically as per being denied any important position in government. Although, there are lot of poor people in the rural areas who are academically backward. It is our belief, that the only thing that can bring about transformation and emancipate of the people from this social and economic depravity is the power of the gospel coupled with a sound western education. The Bible says “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” John 8:32.

The Diocese: The Anglican Diocese of Kafanchan was inaugurated on the 5th of September, 1990. Since its inception, the Diocese has grown both in size and number, given birth to two missionary Dioceses of Zonkwa and Kwoi. The work of Mission and Evangelism has continued to strive but for the tireless efforts of the Bishop, Clergy, Evangelists and committed Parishioners.

The geography of Kafanchan stretches from Jama’a Local Government Area of which Kafanchan is the Headquarters to Kaura, Sanga and Zangon Kataf Local Government Areas. The entire Diocese has about 112 Anglican Churches structured in to 12 Archdeaconries with 28 rural Deaneries. Most of these churches are founded through continuous evangelistic campaign in those areas where there was no Anglican presence at all, some few years back. Over 75% of the Churches are not viable financially because they are rural peasant agrarian communities.

The whole Diocese has an estimated total Anglican membership of 12,213.

Diocesan Schools: The establishment of nursery, primary and secondary schools is a policy and strategy for missions and evangelism in the Diocese. The Anglican Diocese of Kafanchan has two secondary schools at present i.e. Anglican Junior Seminary (A.J.S) and Anglican Junior Seminary Gidan Waya. It also has six (6) Nursery and Primary schools all of which are in a very bad shape. The Anglican schools were established to provide quality secondary education to all (Christians and Muslims) at a very minimum cost. This vision has been maintained and sustained over the years. The schools have been doing very well academically over the years and were thus recognised and awarded by the state government as one of the best private school in terms of sustained excellent performance at the final year National Examination i.e West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO). The school fee is relatively low compared to other private schools. The students in the Boarding house pay N27, 000 (about $169) while Day students pay N11,550 (about $72) per term respectively.

The six primary schools on the other hand were established to foster more holistic approach to the Gospel and reach out to the less privileged by availing them the opportunity to acquire western education, bearing in mind that the entire Diocese is over 80% rural. The fee in the primary section is as low as N800.00 ($ 5.00) and the highest N1200.00 ($7.50) per term.

A.J.S Kafanchan has been striving very well over the years, until recently following the religious crises and attack on the school, parents are drastically withdrawing their wards from the school. The number of students has now dropped from over 1000 to less than 650.

The present location of the school is not to our advantage; as the school compound, the cathedral, vicarages and quarters are directly opposite the nearest neighbours, the Muslim dominated area of Kafanchan.
The continuous survival of A.J.S is imperative and cannot be compromised. This has necessitated and initiated the starting of a new Anglican Junior Seminary at Gidan Waya which took off this September with one block of four class rooms and one office.
The school started with 32 registered pupils. Gidan Waya is a more peaceful environment with over 95% Christian population hence a more envisaged viability. Giving hostel facilities for boys and girls, catering department and staff quarters.

Women Vocational and Skill Acquisition Center

The aftermath of the continuous religious crises and violence in the area has rendered so many women as widows and children as orphans. This has become a serious issue of concern to us as missionaries in the area. Thus, God has given us the vision to establish a vocational and skill acquisition center targeting our over 1500 widows and orphans in the Diocese. We intend this to be run, controlled and maintained by the MU/WG (Women organization). The center will need a hall with an office and a store. It will serve for sewing, weaving and making of embroideries.

1. Our  Project and Needs in the Schools:

(a) Blocks of classrooms at the new site of The Anglican Junior Seminary (A.J.S) at Gidan Waya.
(b) Hostel blocks for both boys and girls
(c) Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Agric Laboratories
(d) Computer laboratory and computers 
(e) Library and Textbooks (list has been sent earlier)

2. Our Project and Needs in the Vocational and Skill Acquisition Centre

(a) A sewing and weaving halls for the vocational and skill acquisition centre.
(b) More sewing and weaving machines/equipments
NB. All projects and investments are solely owned by the Anglican Diocese of Kafanchan for the benefit of over 85% Christians of all denominations and 15% muslims and traditional worshippers in Kafanchan.

Our submission may seem many and much and we are aware of the present global economic hardship. You are not obliged to meet all our needs, but to assist in whatever way possible. However, the development of A.J.S. Gidan Waya is our topmost priority followed by the vocational acquisition centre for women and orphans.

While we continue to pray for a growing relationship between our Diocese, your family and Church, it is also our prayer that the God of heaven will lavish you with the abundance of His blessing and the riches of His grace.


Sincerely, a fellow servant in His vineyard


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